Mamavation, explained

I have always sucked at anything that involved campaigning. My student council shut out every year of high school is a great way to illustrate that point because it was always the popular kids who got voted in but dropped out as soon as they realized they had to be at school at 7:15 for the meetings. So, like the scholastic vulture I was, I attended every meeting, sat quietly, waited for the first casualty, and then raised my hand to nominate myself when the student council adviser asked for recommendations for a replacement. It wasn't exactly good for the ego, but I got what I wanted, and the popular kids who liked waking up early voted me on because they knew I was going to work my ass off. And minus the waiting for the homecoming queen to get cramps and go home crying so I could take her seat as the official Alternate because I was that kind of cool, I fully commit to working my ass off here, too.

I announced a few days ago that I was officially throwing my hat in the ring for the Mamavation campaign. And because I know many of you are now scratching your heads and going "Wha????", give me a moment to explain.

The Mamavation campaign is a social media experiment started and managed by Leah Segedie (@bookieboo), a walking little bit of inspiration who has successfully lost over 170 pounds over two pregnancies. She runs the Bookieboo site (where I have been an editor for almost a year), which is all about making families healthy, one mom at a time. It's free to join, an awesome source of support, and the stepping point for those who may consider joining the Sistahood, which is the virtual healthy living sorority committed to learning healthy living.

I pledged and am a proud Sista now, thank you very much. Which leads me to the Mamavation campaign. I'll let Leah explain it here.

"Mamavation™ is a social experiment and weight loss campaign in social media with the goals of teaching moms healthy living lifestyle choices so they can share with their family. Mamavation™ is a two part campaign: (1) a virtual healthy living boot camp for two moms and (2) the home of the first virtual healthy living sorority in social media, the Sistahood™"

Those moms selected enter into a 7 week healthy living virtual bootcamp, tweet, vlog, and otherwise share every detail of their experience, with the goal of becoming healthier and motivating others to do the same. Click here for the scoop on the rest of the details.

So, I am going to apply. I'm putting myself out there in a way I never would have imagined when I began writing Baby F(Ph)at. But I need your support, whether or not I am selected, to make it to my goal. So read up...


Applications are being accepted September 27th to October 5th for campaign #6. Five moms will be chosen by @bookiebooo and then those 5 moms will go up for a public vote from October 11th to 18th. The Mamavation Moms will be announced during the Mamavation twitter party launch on Oct. 18th.  Each of the five moms will have to ignite their own campaigns to get votes.  Please use hashtag #mamavation when talking about the campaign.

And in order to be considered for the campaign and possibly make the final five, I need all of you reading this blog (writers, BFFs, sisters, Sistas, friends) to tweet the following to Leah to show her that we all mean business about finding my waistline:

“Hey @bookieboo! I want @aspiringmama to be the next #Mamavation Mom. She has my support!”

Oh, and um, tweet this message A LOT.

Just make sure you wait until the nominations are officially open, m'kay?

Come on, people. I wrote the book.

Now help me write the epilogue.