Mamavation Monday: Point Positive

I have blogger's block. Since joining the Sistahood, I've been coasting along hitting Publish on one Monday with my motiovation for the next post already cemented in my head. There's a good chance that I did have a clue a week ago, but I must have misplaced it with my last nerve.

I'll spare you the details. Let's just say that family drama is just as mind-numbing from 2,500 miles as it is from 2.5 miles away. It's a miracle I haven't hidden in a closet with a few pints of Ben & Jerry's, tucked myself into a fetal position, and fallen asleep with the spoon in my mouth.

Oh wait! That's A GOOD Thing!

Point Positive #1

Despite a hellish week, I am not currently hidden in a closet with a few pints of Ben & Jerry's, tucked into a fetal position, asleep with the spoon in my mouth. I suppose this means I have made progress. Not really. Because had I not given up gluten about 10 days ago (and wasn't already eating clean) I probably would have rationalized something  involving cookies and chocolate by now. But I haven't! So I get to move on to...

Point Positive #2

I am eating clean and gluten free. The clean thing has been something I began easing into months ago. And by easing in, I mean I was eating clean-ish, but not exactly committing when the going got tough. (See Point Positive #1) I chose to give the clean thing a try because of my health issues (PCOS, Insulin Resistance, and Hypothyroid), and immediately noticed a difference. I felt better. I wasn't retaining as much water (which meant my muffin top was less muffin-y), and I was sleeping better.

But I was still, well, off. I can't think of a better word. Since having Buttercup, I've felt off, like something wasn't quite right. My stopped responding to the medications I take regularly and no amount of exercsise or diet modifcation allowed for much more than a 10 pound drop. So Detective The Husband went on a factoid hunt (Hello Dr. Google) and told me to call my own doctor to request a test for Celiac Disease or Gluten Sensitivity. I won't get into all the little bits of conjecture because I am not a doctor and do not play on one my blog, but I can and will say that should you feel the need to explore possible links between PCOS and gluten issues, you'll have plenty of reading to make you nice and  paranoid.

The Husband and Buttercup are already gluten-free, so when I learned that my insurance company wasn't going to spring for the test, I decided to do my own experiment. Now, I can't  directly connect the new diet with...

Point Positive #3

...but I lost 4.8 pounds the first week. Now, that could have had something to do with...

Point Positive #4

...the fact that I jumped on my Wii Just Dance bandwagon and shook what my mama gave me about 4 or 5 times for at least 30 minutes each time and managed to get out of my house with Buttercup for a few nice long walks. And the whole time I've been sharing and tweeting and getting all giddy with the Mamavation support coming my way. So thank you for that.

And oh...

Point Positive #5

I don't have blogger's block anymore.