Mama's got a new place to shop

I don't get out much here in Tucson. It's just me and Buttercup during the day while The Husband sleeps of his midnight shift, no sitter, and a rare event for us to get out as a family. because of that sleeping during the day thing. Even more rare is a new store find that has me giddy enough to devote some bloggy time to its awesomeness.

This is not a review or a contest blog. It's more like a diary with a broken lock---easy access for everyone. And like a teenager jumping from one boy crush to another fast enough to make your head spin, the content on the blog changes based on my mood. Today? I feel like telling you about this little store and all the eco-friendly, fair-trade, recycled goodness within.

The Husband knows I am a closet hippie. The moment I mentioned cloth diapering, baby wearing, and co sleeping when I got pregnant was the moment he rolled his eyes, shut his mouth, and voted for Peace in Our Happy Home. And when he saw these glass water bottles he looked at me again and said, "No."

"But why? These are soooooo cool!"

"I refuse to buy you one every week after you break the last one."

"But the store owner said she dropped hers outside and it didn't break!"

"The store owner is not you."

The man has a point.

Scrabble letter necklaces? I am so going Christmas shopping here.

And Santa is buying herself some lavender soap.

Then there is this necklace. I remember the store owner telling me it was handcrafted by a local woman. It took my breath away. But then again, so did nearly everything else.

And after all that? We left with a pink Bento lunch box set for Buttercup because The Husband knew I had been drooling over them since before time began. So in a way, I got what I wanted. It just wasn't for me. But that's okay. Buttercup's smile as she strolled out with her Big Girl lunch box for preschool was enough to satisfy my Splurge gene until the next time I walk in. Because then? Mama's shopping for herself.

Although there was that recycled tea set I saw Buttercup looking at...

***Full Disclosure: I wasn't paid for this post. And we bought the bento box. Thankyouverymuch

***Nurturing Nature is located at 5420 East Broadway in Tucson. Stop by. Take me shopping with you.