My (Pre)Acceptance Speech: Part Uno

I've thanked The Academy before. And because it's almost after midnight and I just finished cleaning the kitchen and have only a few precious moments to clear the voices from my head which are all named Muse I am going to do so again. But this time, it's for an entirely different reason. I know I am still agent-less and dreaming big, but the latter can be attributed, in huge heaping portions, to the friends who have helped me make it this far. (Cue the sappy music, please.) And because my brain has no concept of what is known throughout the rest of the world as memory retention The Husband paid for Lasik because I kept losing my glasses. On My Face. and because I am convinced my agent search will actually have a happy ending with lots of fanfare, I have taken it upon myself to start my list of thank you's now. You know, before my brain gets flooded with bright lights, book deals, dollar signs, and the tweeting birdies flying in circles round my head from the probable head injury allowing me to believe any of this will come true.

Before I attached the term Writer to my name, book acknowledgments were never read. But since then, I have read every one and really? I have no idea who any writer is able to remember everyone they are supposed to thank with all of the publishing craziness that has to be going on. In my I am Published daydream version of the giving a speech naked nightmare, I picture myself naming everyone I can think of, only to realize after the book is on the shelves that I forgot, you know, everyone else who helped me get from Chapter One to The End.

So I have a list in my Droid X. And every few days I'll add Someone Important to it. Here's what I have come up with so far:

*The Husband: Obviously. Without your support, none of this would be happening. I'm not sure if it was the "When are you going to write the damned book and make me rich" harping or the "You can do it, honey's," but one of these tactics obviously got me through this. Oh, and shut up. It took 10 years from when we met, but I did it. You're welcome.

*Buttercup: You are my everything, little one. And I know I will be paying dearly when you can read. Until then, consider yourself my Muse in Residence.

*Mom: Because of you I could indulge in 3 am writing sessions and wake up at noon to a happy, fed, and dressed toddler. Thank you for making it possible to make my childhood dream a reality.

*Pati: I love you and your Bump-it. Thanks for allowing me to make you a character in my book. Did you move out so I couldn't mark you for the next one? (Well played, my dear. Well played.)

*BFF Mel: The Husband claims you are the only person I have ever met that I actually really and truly like. Being the anti-socialite that I am, and considering I get tired of people who want to converse in person on a regular basis, this is not a point I waste time arguing. I love you. And am sure I do only because you understand the craziness in my head.

@Jterzieff: You are my writing partner, my friend, and my better half with your own amazing story to tell. Thank you. For everything.

@HC_Palmquist and @nlgervasio My first "real" friendships that sparked from a tweet. Break a pencil, my dears. Then take the world by storm.

@Jeannevb: You are The #TwitterPimp, and I count myself lucky to have been brought into your social circle. Thank you for reading, for laughing, and catching those typos.I owe you some #tequilatime. And a bedazzled pony.

@Mercedesmy: You took what I had and made it better. Then you asked for more. My ego says thank you.

@beltonwriter: For making the time to tweet, laugh, and read. You know, in between your crazy writing schedule and drinking fermented grape juice. Let me know when you publish another book in English.

Don't get your panties in a bunch if you think you deserve some ink on my list. At least not yet. I still have to write Part Dos. You know, after I punch out from Motherhood late one night and decide to forgo my beauty sleep so I can make sure I stay one up ahead of my dream.