Waiting to (be Read)

A guide to writing query letters. The Life of Pi. The entire collection of Roald Dahl. Steering the Craft. And a My Head Hurts list of other titles I have shoved in this little cubicle.
They are all waiting To Be Read.
I've purchased or been given these books withing the last 18 months or so and have yet to open one of them (well, except for the Roald Dahl collection. I got that just because I wanted to re-read them. Because I'm so totally available for that, right?) The first 12 months don't count because I was writing a book and was lucky if I had time to read a menu. And the last six I've had my nose stuck in queries, research, and when I had the time to indulge, my nook. It wasn't until I emptied and reorganized the bookshelf that I realized I was still sitting on a goldmine of good reading...and that was after I carted two box loads out to the mini van for donating.
I won't lie. I almost donated most of these, too.
"I don't have time."
"I'll never read them."
But I didn't. I'm a writer. I can't throw away words.I might not have time, but I will get through this To Be Read cubicle of mine. And not to point out the obvious or the fact that I had this book before I started querying month ago but didn't bother to look at my own bookshelf, but I'm thinking I might start with that query letters guide. You know, just in case I ever plan to give that a try, maybe, someday.