Confessions of an Adrenaline Junkie (or: I got a job!)

I'm in the middle of querying my book, single-parenting until the New Year when The Husband's schedule takes him off of the midnight shift, and trying to stay one step ahead of the laundry. So it seemed only natural to say yes when I was asked to start writing product reviews for baby gooroo. I have a history with the site, which focuses on breastfeeding and children's issues including health and nutrition, so I am beyond excited to add more bylines to those already in the baby gooroo archives.

Check out baby gooroo on twitter, as well. And follow me under my Pauline_Campos account, if you aren't already, as I will be primarily tweeting article links from that account.

And lastly, I am searching high and low for products to feature in my reviews. The focus, of course, is on pregnancy, breastfeeding, parenting, attachment parenting, children, health, and nutrition from ages 0-6. If interested, please contact me via twitter or by email (check out the contact me tab on the blog).

Now excuse me while I log off to get back to making dinner so I can get Buttercup dressed (again) for her preschool Halloween party, back home, into bed, and then see The Husband off to work before logging back in to blog, research, write, and possibly, sleep.

Have I mentioned I thrive with deadlines looming? Because, yes, I really do.