Owning my Pink & Loving the Click

When I first started this blog, my only intention was to have a place to give the words in my head a chance to be free. I wasn't giving anything away or posting News Anyone Couldn't Live Without. I was simply writing.

And wouldn't you know it? People started reading.

The connections grew from there. I have made a number of friends through Aspiring Mama and twitter; most of which know more about my day than the family and friends I usually don't have time to call because I'm busy trying to cement my path to my dreams of becoming a published author. I want a place for my words. And that place means so much more when it isn't a domain of my own creation.

I was recently honored to have a blog post featured on the front page of Owning Pink, which honestly rawked. Site owner and author extraordinaire, Lissa Rankin, is a personal inspiration, and the Pink Possee community is something I am exremely proud to be a part of. If you haven't already, please check it out. Not for my sake, mind you, but because I think you'll want to become a part of it, too.

I also clicked with one of my favorite twitter friends, Leslee Horner, for the second time. Leslee's site, Waiting for the Click, is a beautiful compilation of (mostly) contributed blog posts from writers on the same path to self-discovery as Leslee. It's filled with personal "Ahah!" moments, those little bits of time where something just "clicked"...allowing the writer to become more than they already were. Please, take a moment to stop by and read Waiting for the Click. Get lost in the moments. Then share your own.