Mamavation Monday: My (Twitter) Thanksgiving

After four hours of sleep and a trek out to Whole Foods at 8 am, I am already wishing I was in bed. But the cranberry sauce is now cooling off, the sweet potato souffle is already covered and in the fridge, and the carmelized dilled carrots are ready to go. Yes, I know it's only Monday. And I am aware that Thanksgiving isn't until Thursday...for the rest of the world. But because The Husband is still on his I hate it hate it hate it hellacious midnight schedule and everything is upside down, we are celebrating tomorrow.

After he wakes up. And before he goes to work.

I'll be thankful after the last load of dishes is washed.

I promise.

Until his schedule changes, I am pretty much single-parenting it and doing a colassal job of holding on to my last nerve. I think. Today is a great example: He had a weird day shift thrown in the mix so I started cooking for tomorrow right after Buttercup went down for her nap. In the middle of all the clean-eating, gluten-free craziness, I also cooked a new meal for our dinner tonight. I had just enough time to sit down and eat with him and Buttercup and give him a little kiss before he went upstairs to pass out, leaving me with the kid, the dishes, and more food to prepare for our little family holiday meal.

For that, I'd like to thank the Universe for screwing me. Again. (He was on midnights last year at this time. Totally not cool.)

I'm going nuts today trying to prep this because tomorrow Buttercup and I have a date at Color Me Mine in the morning. When we get home, all I have to do is get the turkey breast out of the slow cooker and reheat the sides. After I daydream about sucking down a bottle of wine through a bendy straw, of course.

There may have been a time or two or seventeen where I also dayreamed today about a sugar-filled, slightly less involved menu. But I feel very strongly about sticking to my clean eating principals. And? The gluten-free thing may be a choice for me, but it isn't optional for Buttercup and the Husband. So there's no compromising when it comes to making sure everything we eat passes the Celiac test. That, of course, makes it all worth it.

And twitter? Thanks for planning my Thanksgiving dinner.

Dinner ideas came from @GraciousPantry, a gem of a blogger who knows the ins and outs of clean eating AND has some seriously kick-ass family recipes for any day of the year. And the pumpkin mousse dessert came from a tweet from @jenspiller who took pity on my restricted diet and did a little search for me. (Also? I get to do a little jig because I roasted my own pumpkins for this bad boys of a dessert.)

No gluten?

No sugar?

No grains?

No problem.

Our little Tuesday Thanksgiving is gonna rock.