Once upon a time...

I do stupid things sometimes. As in "You were a reporter? Your powers of observation suck!" stupid. I like to say it's a quality that endears me to my friends and family. They like to call me The Mexican Blonde. But back when I was a cute little 21-year-old trolling the internet for a date before it was cool to troll the internet for a date, I was a "Mexican Princess Searching for her Prince" on the Yahoo online dating site. I had my fun. Sometimes, I had three kinds of fun in one day with breakfast, lunch, and dinner dates scheduled with three different guys and picks ups and drop offs scheduled so close my mother would be watching the car of the guy who just dropped me off turn the corner as the next date pulled into the driveway. And because it was the first time I was in control and calling the shots, I had the time of my life. It didn't matter if Breakfast date didn't want to meet up again because I was already booked for the next three weekends and Lunch and Dinner date were asking if they could call again.

Eventually though, the thrill of dating without caring about any commitment wore off. I decided I had had my fun. It was time to delete the inbox of Interested Guys and go on my merry way of just being me.

I remember exactly how it happened. Not really reading, I was clicking checkmarks for a big group delete. There were Joe's and John's and Mark's and Alex's. None of them were ever going to hear from me. I almost missed The Husband in that mass exodus from my online dating spree. Almost deleted my future. But his name jumped out at me. Curious, I clicked on his message and saw this:

Date: Fri, 05, March, 1999


I found your ad on yahoo and would love to talk sometime. I am putting a link to an ad of mine here. So if you like what you see, please write back.

I clicked on his ad. And saw a photo of a tall, dark, handsome guy who had a smile that made his whole face light up and his eyes twinkle. My 18 year old sister told me that I had better call him or she would. So I emailed back.

Cue the Mexican Blonde:

My response:

Pauline Campos wrote:


i love your name! seriously, ethnic rocks! (dude...I would vomit from the perkiness exuded in this response, but I still talk like this.Stop laughing.)

anyway, i saw your page and like what i saw and now i'm writing back. i tried writing on your page but it kept saying "error found". whatever. (Can you say Mexican Valley Girl?)

well- i can't talk much now but if you want you can page me. oh, and you will not find out my name until you page me!


The miracle is that after The Husband stopped laughing, he paged me. And we lived happily ever after.