Mamavation Monday: The Stationary Blog Hop (Day 1)

Welcome to Day 1 of Pauline's Stationary Blog Hop. It sounds better than Pauline is a Lazy Ass Blogger, doesn't it? This blog has been My Very Own and You Can't Play With It until this very moment. Not sure what brought it on, but I decided to ask a few of my Twitter friends to guest post and holy hell...they said YES! Hello new voices! Today's post is from Kimberly, who happens to be one of the Mamavation campaign finalists. Kimberly is a sweet soul and my people because she's on the same journey as I am. Fighting the scale is hard enough before kids, but after? *Facepalm* Read what she has to say and please, take a moment to vote for her. P.S: I will resume regular programming next Monday. Until then, enjoy the specials on the menu. May I take your order?

Sometimes I find my self staring at skinny moms. (Not like that!) I stare in amazement. How in the name of cake does she keep that figure with that many kids? I mean, sure, I was overweight before I got pregnant, but everyone told me I would lose weight when I was running around chasing after the kids. Umm, no. Whoever told me that obviously never had a real weight problem.

Being a mom is hard. Being an overweight mom is harder. I have struggled for 4 years trying to balance the scale of mom vs. weight. Honestly, my scale still is not as balanced as it could be. Some days are great, meals cooked, the kids behave beautifully and I get in a little activity. Other days, not so good. And truth be told, it was not always the kids fault. I got caught up in the, "I'm a mom, I am tired, I got no time, so I am meant to be fat" routine. We ate microwaved junk and snacked all day. Not good. For me, or the kids. I knew these days were the ones that there we had too many of. But it was so easy! However, one day my doctor laid it all out and basically told me that easy was slowly killing me. He told me I have high cholesterol and the beginning signs of fatty liver disease. I am 26 years old. From that point, I knew something had to change, and it was me.

Change is good. And it's not hard, most days. I used to think it was our destiny to shop the freezer aisle. To nuke our breakfast, lunch and dinner in the microwave seemed easy, fast and somewhat yummy. But after I sat down and started looking at what really needed to change, it was simple. Less me time. Now don't get me wrong, every mom needs her special me time, to take care of herself. But my time was sitting for 3 or 4 hours straight on the internet or watching TV. And what time I wasn't spending on me, was spent on the family. I recently started working a job that is as close to full time as I have ever worked. I thought healthy living was next to hopeless. But it took some of my friends from Mamavation to point out that I could get my workouts in before work, or I could sit down and make a menu plan for a week at a time. I wasn't having it at first. Honestly. I whined, "but if I workout before work I will be all hot and sweaty" or "I don't have time to sit down and make a meal plan". It was all excuses. I know that if I want to see change, I have to change. It doesn't all happen at once. I still slip up some days, hey, I'm human too! However, instead of not working out because the kids are "in the way" they work out with me, or I wait until they are napping. We are also exploring a whole new world of foods. Who knew my 4 year old would love Quinoa. (Pronouncing it is a whole different blog post!) My supportive husband has even agreed to try different healthier versions of the foods he loves to eat, which is huge for him. It takes some time. Try something new this week. Make it a goal to get active 2 times this week. It doesn't have to be a formal workout, maybe a walk around the neighborhood, or an extra trip around the mall. Try a new, healthier food. For me, buying a crockpot and rice steamer opened a plethora of healthy opportunities.

I am an applicant a FINALIST of the Mamavation Mom campaign. I have already started to slowly turn my life and bad habits around. However, I think that going through the 7 week bootcamp will help me learn how to manage my time more effectively and learn things about fitness and nutrition that I could never grasp on my own. I am thankful to have a family full of supportive members who are giving me a little encouragement to do the things needed to become healthy. This is finalist week. I would appreciate your vote at You may also show your support in my quest to become a Mamavation Mom, by tweeting the following: "Hey @bookieboo! I want @christlikemommy to be the next #Mamavation" Mom. She has my support!"

Kimberly is a married mom of two boys. She is living life, losing weight and loving God. To follow Kimberly and her weight loss shenanigans visit her blog at