Welcome to the Poser Library

The Husband and I like a good deal. I hunt for them in the clothing and shoe racks, mainly for Buttercup, which only makes him roll his eyes when I come home with a truckload of bags bragging about how much money I just saved him. He hunts for them on sites like Deal News and drools over anything that needs to be charged.

Occasionally though, we come across a deal that makes us both go ga-ga.Like this three-foot tall stack of books? Yeah, you don't wanna know what it cost full price, because we certainly wouldn't have paid it. (Read: We take pride in our Cheapy-ness.) But The Husband found the leather-bound collection, which contains the complete works of pretty much Everyone That Matters, for some crazy online sale price and asked if I was interested.



So we ordered. And when it arrived, I went bonkers with excitement over the fact that I know possessed the complete works of Charles Dickens, the original gory Brother's Grimm, the complete Tales of Sherlock Holmes and much, much more.

"I can't wait to read these! Wait, is it like, illegal, to buy more books before I finish all of these? Because this could take a while."

I got no response. The Husband was just staring at the books with a smile on his face.

"When we get our own house I am building a library in one of the rooms," he said.


"That is beyond awesome. I'm a writer. I think it's a mandate or something that I have my own library."

"Right," he said, taking a breath before uttering the line destined to become a blog post punch line, "and even if we never crack one of these babies open, just think of how smart we're gonna look."