A Visit from The Boys

It's a Stationay Blog Hop here at Aspiringmama. That's code for I Didn't Have Time to Blog so (Insert Name Here) Bailed Me Out. Today's blog help came from a local Tucson friend who, it seems, needs more princesses and less tail-less lizards... Well, hello there! I'm Becca, from Our Crazy Boys.

I'm a blogger, not a writer (not to be confused with Pauline, who is a writer, that happens to have a blog), so please excuse my super short paragraphs and sometimes poor grammar. I write like I talk, because it's my... well, usually, it's my blog.

I am thrilled to be guest posting here, at Aspiring Mama, during her Stationary Blog-Hop.

You see, in my little head, Aspiring Mama is a "girl" blog.

Why? Because Pauline has Buttercup, a girl.

 She gets to post super cute pictures of her baby girl, like the one in this post.

And videos like this one, where Buttercup shimmied her way through the grocery store.

Oh, and I can't leave out this post, where Buttercup gets to show off her adorable painted toenails.

As for me and my blog? My blog is a boy blog.

No pretty pictures by the Christmas tree, or shimmying, or even painted toenails. Well, I do take a lot of feet pictures... but usually, they're mine.

I get to blog about making yellow snow,

scaring the tails off of lizards,

and getting ringworm.

Ewwww... boy stuff.

I think that Pauline and I are different in many other ways, too.

She's Hispanic. I'm white. Except in the summer. I turn a *little* darker. But she probably does, too.

She's got the Mexi-fro, and I have... well...  no Mexi-fro.

She drops the f-bomb on her blog, and I would give my mother a heart attack if I said anything worse than "darn it!"

Oh, here's a good one... she somehow keeps her blog top secret, while my mother is my self-appointed press secretary and in-house comedian.

Since I'm here, I thought I would share a picture that my friend sent me today. This isn't my blog, so I'm not doing any long-term damage to my kid... right?

Without further ado...

This is my son, Jack. Playing "barber" with his friend Samantha. He styled her hair, and he's got the accessories in his pocket to prove it. I think he's a natural... don't you?

Meanwhile, that poor little girl is thinking that she has found her future husband...

So, if you're in the mood to laugh at someone who is trying her darndest to figure out this whole "Mom of Boys" thing, stop by and say hello.

Just leave the f-bombs out of the comments, ok?

Becca is a mom to two and blogs at Our Crazy Boys. Check her, and her yellow-snow-making possee, out there and find her on twitter here. And make sure to get the F-bombs out of your system on this blog before stopping by to visit hers.