Why I Miss My Underoos

I have a new doll. And somehow I managed to convince The Husband I needed it for my blogging. Yeah, I know. I consider it practice. He will eventually say yes just to shut me up about my Platform. IMG_1398.JPG

I came across the SuperMom doll when I was looking for an image for my This vs That post. And I immediately grabbed my credit card and bought my own. Who doesn't need a plastic woman with a two-faced baby, two heads, two pairs of feet, and a mile long to do list on their desk to remind them that they aren't the only ones trying to do it all?

I have to admit, I kinda love SuperMom. The spit up on her business suit, the little teeny cell phone, and the to do list kind of make me think, "dude, I am relating with an action figure." Then I realize that this little doll represents Every Mom as a Supermom and I get all nostalgic thinking about the days when I used to run around the living room in my Wonder Woman Underoos. (And no, I don't mean last week.)

I do, however, think SuperMom needs a new Super Friend. You know, for play dates and such. A friend who will pick up where SuperMom left off. Some of us never bother with anything fancier than yoga pants and fuzzy slippers while we try to navigate the Work at Home Mom thing, our kids, the laundry, and our sanity. I'd call her SuperWahm. Trade the brief case for a laptop, the business suit for jeans or yoga pants, and the heels for fuzzy slippers, and we'd be golden.

Just think, Happy Worker people...think of the possibilities...the new demographic...and of course, don't forget to factor in my percentage.

You're welcome.