Platform the Secret Agent Monkey: Validation

It seems that my blog topics come in phases. It's either post after post about Buttercup and the mom thing or writing, platform, and monkeys which, surprisingly, are basically all the same subject. Today's post is inspired by my beat-up copy of the March/April editon of Writer's Digest Magazine. Specifically, the Breaking In column by Chuck Sambuchino. In each edition, debut authors are featured with the tag: What they did, what they learned, and how you can do it, too. I love this column and have been all I TOTALLY KNOW THEM on twitter on multiple occasions when a familiar face avatar is proudly featured with the cover of their shiny new book. Last time it was Lissa Rankin and her kick-ass What's Up Down There: Questions You'd Only Ask Your Gynecologist if She Was Your Best Friend. This time, it's Lisa and Laura Roecker and their pretty pink The Liar Society.(If you have been scratching your head wondering where all the pink-haired avatars in your tweet stream came from, here's the reason.)

What caught my eye, aside from the I TOTALLY KNOW THEM sorta kinda shut up they are in my tweet stream thing I rattled off to The Husband about while ignoring his disinterested yawn, is the platform portion of their interview.

And I quote:

"An online platform of blog and Twitter followers..."

I think I read that portion a bazillion times before blinking.

Now, before you say anything about me writing non-fiction and Lisa and Laura Roecker writing fiction and the difference between the two and how I am totally reaching for imaginary straws here, I beg you to just shut up, sit back, and let me sit here in a happy little bubble thinking that there is, in fact, some hope for me the rest of us.

*And don't forget to check out Lisa and Laura's author blog and book blog.

Now pardon me while I log off to fall asleep dreaming of platforms and monkeys. And monkeys named Platform.

**Fine Print: Yes, I read the book. I even paid for it. With The Husband's own money. Was it good? Sure, if you consider my wondering who will play Kate in the movie version and when the Team Liam and Team Seth T-shirts will be in the stores merely good. Because I? Consider it incredibly well-written to have sucked me in so deep that I finished a book with more than 50 chapters in four days.