Fried, scambled, or a la Mexifro?

IMG_1573.JPG The Prologue: I had a baby. My body mutinied with not only an embarrassing amount of cellulite, but also with a new allergy to an obscure ingredient in everything from nasal sprays to hair dye. Which sucked, because when Buttercup was six weeks old, I got my hair highlighted.

And promptly lost most of my hair.

That's when I learned to read labels.

The Actual Story: I thought I was going bald (again) last week. My bad. I got lazy and didn't read the label on the full bottle of conditioner my sister left here when she moved out and promptly got all itchy on my head and that's when The Husband pointed out The Obvious. Which was the Bad Thing listed in the ingredient list on the back of the bottle I hadn't bothered to read.

I promptly rinsed it all off before hopping on twitter and having a mini breakdown. Then I woke up with hair and realized I had thankfully over-reacted this time. That's when I decided I had been lucky. So I got in touch with my hippy self.

Gone are the masses of hair products I used to rely on. It's all been replaced with...wait for Namely, eggs, olive oil, mayonnaise, and anything else recommended by Janice Cox in her book, Natural Beauty at Home.

Today was spent making my own shampoo, conditioner, and a conditioning hair pack. My ingredients included raw eggs, rum, olive oil, bananas, and mayo.

I smelled like a frat party.

While I sat with condiments and mashed up fruit deep conditioning my 'fro after rinsing the raw egg regular conditioner out with warm water without stopping to look in the mirror, I glanced through the rest of the recipes. Chocolate lip gloss? I am so on that train. What I forgot to do was re-read the part in the directions which clearly states that the coolest water you can stand must be used to rinse out anything made with eggs from your hair. Turns out, warm water will cook the eggs. In your hair.

My hair looks and feels amazing. It's shiny. It's soft. And I didn't pay a bazillion dollars at a salon to make it feel that way. I'd call it a success, except for the scrambled eggs a la mexi-fro bit.