My Trifecta of Happiness: Part Dos

Patience is not a virtue I am very familiar with. Ask anyone I know. Check my tweet stream. Search the term "query" on my blog.

I suck at waiting and letting the universe do its thing.

It's why The Husband purposely waited 18 months to propose when he was still The Boyfriend. You know, to prove a point. It's probably why the the Universe made me wait 18 months before granting my wish to get pregnant. And it's probably...

Oh shit. I just looked at the numbers. I started the query process last July. At this rate, I should probably stop holding my breath, yeah? But wait, that was totally not the point.

The actual point I was attempting to come to before becoming sidelined by a shiny new thought was this: I suck at patience. The Universe knows it. So it makes me wait for anything worth while. Just because it can.

I recently got a little reminder in practicing the fine art of patience (and the even finer art of follow-through)  when a long time goal finally came to fruition. Going back and forth with Lissa Rankin -- one of my favorite writers -- via email regarding her anthology contribution, I finally got the nerve to ask about that Owning Pink featured blogger application I had put in sometime last year.

Lissa graciously suggested I contact the site editor to follow up, which was fine with me. I wasn't looking for favors. Just conformation that the application I had turned in had actually been received.

Turns out it had been but life got in the way. I was then asked to resubmit my application essay and promptly notified that I had been selected as a new blogger for the site.

It never occurred to me to get pissy about how long I had waited to get that yes. In fact, I can say with complete honesty that the only thought in my mind was, "Really? They like my writing? This is soooo fucking cool!"

When I first submitted that essay, I email stalked myself, expecting the Universe to pony up with a response so I could quickly move on the next submission obsession, just like I do every time I send out a brand new query letter. And just like the car keys I can never find until I stop looking for them, the response never comes until I'm not looking for it, either.

Sometimes, it's not the answer I was hoping for. This time, it was.