Because this *isn't* high school

I ran for Student Council every year I was in high school. And every year, I lost.

To the cheerleaders.

To the football players.

To the homecoming kings and queens.

And yet, I still showed up to the 7:30 a.m. meetings once a week, on the advice of our advisor, and was promptly voted in as an "alternate" by the peers who had kicked my ass in the popularity polls. Should one of them decide that sleep was more appealing than showing up bright-eyed and busy-tailed, ready to Make a Difference, I would get my chance to step in and shine.

I may have lost every election I ran while in high school, but I finished every year off as an official member.

After my freshman year, I really didn't see a point in running an election. the popular kids were going to vote for the popular kids no matter what I said, and that was going to be that. Why bother trying? Why not just slink in to the first meeting and silently announce my intention of replacing the first cheerleader to cry Uncle?

Because I needed to try for me. And when I lost? Again? And Again? I needed to pick myself up and drag my ass to those meetings to show ME that I had it in me.

I'm 33 now. This isn't high school.

And I have a new campaign to run. I am up against my present-day version of cheerleaders and homecoming queens who have a huge head start on me...and I have until 9 p.m. on Friday (pacific standard time) to get enough of you to each cast one vote for me to make it into the top 20.(tip: you don't even need to watch the video. Or "like" anything. As long as you have a Facebook account? You can vote.)

If that happens? I get a chance at a dream job.

If it doesn't? There is no alternate.

I've got one shot. The high school me might have shook my head and looked the other way, figuring, "Why bother?"


I'm giving it my all.

Thank you for the opportunity.