Write Hard: Passing on The Awesome

Mercedes M. Yardley is an incredible writer and a woman of unbelievable strengths. She inspires me to be better, reach higher, and to reach deeper within. I like to tell Mercedes that I'm just staying on her good side so I can say I knew her when for when when actually happens for her but the honest truth is that when I saw on A Broken Laptop that Mercedes considers me an inspiration? Of her very own?


So I'm passing on The Awesome.

The rules are simple.

When you win:

1. Post the picture above to your blog.

2. List at least three writers who you feel live up to the “write hard” spirit. Think: writers who work at their craft, writers who never give up despite the odds, writers who constantly turn out quality work. Writers you admire. Optional: explain why you think they are awesome.

3. Include these rules or a link to them.

4. Notify said writers of their victory. Ask them to pass on the torch.

5. Continue being awesome.

Now for my winners...

1. HC Palmquist: Maybe it's because she writes fiction and I well, don't, but H.C. always amuses me talking about her characters like they are real people. Oh wait, y'all do that? She's hilarious, determined, and talented. I'd call that a triple-threat, people. She can probably also kick my ass in four inch-stilettos before breaking her own ankle and asking me to drive her to the emergency room.

2. Sarah Joyce Bryant: It takes an indescribable talent to take horrific childhood memories and turn them into beautiful testaments of strength and character. That's what Sarah does with her breath-taking essays. Sarah is an amazingly gifted writer who also dabbles in poetry and fiction. I'm honored to know her.

3. Galit Breen: I found Galit through The Red Dress Club and am awed by her words every time I read them. You know those little moments that strung together make up the sum of our experience as mothers? Those moments that move so fast we too often miss them because we are simply trying to ready ourselves for the next one? That's what Galit catches with her words.

Thank you for inspiring me, ladies. And remember to pass on The Awesome.