Blind Date Jitters (Or Brooke? I'd Like to Introduce You to...)

The time has come, people. Thanks to help from my panel of not so secret judges, I now have the honor of announcing the lucky winner of a one hour phone consultation with Seal Press editor and writing coach extraordinaire Brooke Warner. But first, I need to introduce my not so secret judges.

Mercedes Yardley: An incredible writer with an agent who was smart enough to recognize her genius. Watch out, people. Right now she is busy creating life inside her womb, and after that she will probably decide it's high time to rule the world.

Robin O'Bryant: She's funny and somehow manages to write a  blog and a parenting column plus inching closer every day to her dreams of a book deal and Lord knows what else all while keeping track of her last nerve and raising her kids. Did I mention I hate her in the most friendly way possible?

Erin MacPherson: Fate brought me to Erin via an email from a PR rep asking if I was interested in reviewing The Christian Mama's Guide to Having a Baby. I almost said no because I counted my repeat viewings of the royal wedding as a three week pass from having to wake up for church. But then I read it and decided that Erin is a genius and that I'd probably like to go shoe shopping with her.

Meagan Francis: An accomplished freelance writer with a great blog and an incredible book with tips on how to be happier moms, Meagan is definitely on my list of People I Would Like to be Like when I Grow Up. Plus? She has five kids. Which makes me want to bow at her feet for that happy and sane thing.

Did we all remember to golf clap as each judge stood and waved to the crowd? Good. We may move on now.

Next, I tell you that I decided to bring in the objective eyes of People That Aren't Me for two reasons:

1) This is kind of a big deal and using a random number generator to choose a number instead of focusing on the individual comments and their merits just didn't feel right. That being said...

2) I wasn't about to jump into the Jackass Pool and get myself in a sticky spot since People I Know entered the contest. Hence? Impartial and Objective Eyes from my panel of not so secret judges.

I asked these lovely ladies to take a look at each comment and if they so chose to visit the blogs of each entrant. The judges then reported back to me with their selection on whom they considered the most worthy of that one hour chat with Brooke.

And the winner?

Drum roll, please...

HC Palquist

HC  received three votes out of three out of the four votes, people. And I had absolutely nothing to do with it.