Babies and Mamas and Special Surprises

My new friend Erin had her newest little baby recently and I got all misty just thinking about how my mammoth almost-four-year-old used to be as teeny tiny as that. Which made me also remember how exhausting the first days with the baby are the most wonderful and most difficult so I decided to make up some of gifts to send out.

Congrats Erin and baby Will!

I made up some lavender and cornmeal exfoliant and a bar of soap a body oil and a few other goodies for Erin and another set for my friend Mercedes Yardley whom I adore. Because I can't mail a hug, I mailed this instead.

And even though Mercedes has to be one of the strongest women I know, I thought she might like a little luck in the form of a cute, three-legged pig. It's a chanchito and said to bring good fortune to those it is gifted to.

Stay strong, my friend.