Because Safety Matters


Becca thinks you should know CPR.

Frankly, I do, too. I've been certified in the past. And although I once saved my mother from choking by performing the Heimlich maneuver while I was in high school, I am in need of a serious refresher.

I was reminded of that while waiting for Buttercup's swim lesson one day. I read some of the writing on the wall. Every cut out newspaper article told of a drowning, a lost child, and a grieving mother. One especially heartbreaking story told of a mother who lost both of her sons in a neighbor's pool.

Part of me was scared out of my mind. What if? WHAT IF?

But I'll admit it. I remember thinking...That would never happen to me. I'm not those parents. I'm vigilant. I'm aware. She's safe. I make sure of that. So I let myself breath and I moved on.

Until Becca sent me an invite to a mass CPR training class her in Tucson. I can't commit due to the current craziness and a probable move, but I can do my part to bring awareness. So, like a good little blogger, I went to Becca's blog tonight to get the deets and link up. And I read Darcie's story.

Her son was in Buttercup's preschool class.

Buttercup LOVES Jayce.

I've spoken to Darcie countless times waiting for the kids to be brought in from recess at the end of the day. She's sweet, smart, well-spoken. Jayce's eyes lit up every time he saw her waiting for him; an expected surprise. Mommy's here. I Love her.

Jayce almost drowned in Becca's pool. My heart is sick just to think of it.

And Darcie, I am sorry. For judging when I had no right.

Please, if you live locally and are able to attend, do it. And thank you to Becca for organizing such a great event.