Mamavation Monday: Independence Day

Today I declare my independence from: *The laundry: It's America's birthday. Me sorting whites would just be plain rude, don't ya think?

*My scale: I used to weigh myself every day. And when I finally conquered my eating disorder, I had reduced the need for scale validation to once a week. Today is my day. And I'm taking it off.

*Self-doubt: What if? Can I? Am I good enough? Will I ever? Who needs that playing on a loop inside their head?

*Dusting: How else can I teach my kid the joys of writing in the  inch-thick layer of desert sand that always seems to reappear five minutes after I clean?

*Eating my feelings: Writing them is a little easier on the waistline.

*My Etsy shopping addiction: I think I need a 12-step program. Unless the powers that be have added an Etsy subhead to the Compulsive Shopper label and forgot to tell me.

*Self-criticism: Today will be a good hair, no make-up, I Feel Good in this Outfit Day no matter what the mirror says.

*Time: I'm always running out of it. Today, I'm not paying attention to it.

Reality: Buttercup lives in a world of princesses and fairies and magic and pretend and it's usually her daddy who plays along. Today I suspend thinking like a non-fiction writer and embrace my daughter's imagination.

Excuses: If I have time to sit on my ass and write a blog post or an essay or a query letter than I sure as hell have time to dedicate 30 minutes to a yoga session or some Zumba.

Which reminds me...Happy Birthday, America. If you'll excuse me, I have some important things to attend to.

What have you declared your independence from?