My Kingdom for a...Book

First let me say that if procrastination were an Olympic sport, I'd be bringing home the gold. Why? Because I was approached to review The Reading Kingdom program ages ago and after shouting out an enthusiastic YES! I just let it fall on the back burner. Not because the program isn't incredible. It was more to do with the fact that we started Buttercup a little early and I wanted to give her a chance to master a few of the skills before giving my thoughts. That, and I'm just really really good at that procrastination thing.

The Reading Kingdom is a program designed to get children ages 4-10 reading and writing at a third grade level. Obviously, Buttercup isn't there yet, but I love the fact that she is the one who comes to me asking if she can play her "Birdie Reading Game" on my laptop without me bribing her with cookies. (She's referring to the cute owl you'll see on the site and in the program lessons.)

Because the program customizes itself to your child's individual learning needs, there's no need to worry about information learned not being absorbed. Buttercup has been at the same level for months now, but that's okay with me. I'm not trying to get her to pick up Harry Potter tomorrow. I just want to give my four-year-old a literacy boost since I myself didn't even know how to write my name until I was six. She enjoys learning and I love programs like this that allow for me to help foster that love.

You just need a computer with a mouse and the program does the rest. A 30-day free trial gets you and your kid going and then if you like what you see, it's basically about 50 cents a day to get your kid on the happy path to learning.

For more information on The Reading Kingdom, check out their website and blog, follow them on twitter, or like their Facebook page.

But before you go, check out this cute interview I attempted with Buttercup on her point of view about The Reading Kingdom.

*The Not So Fine Print: I was offered the opportunity to try out The Reading Kingdom at no cost to myself. But this is my blog and my sandbox which means I only write about what I want to and my opinions are my own. That being said, thank you to The Reading Kingdom for your patience and understanding and for this incredible learning opportunity for Buttercup.