The Julian Project

My daughter is my miracle. I cherish every day because she is here to celebrate it with me. The thought of losing her...

I can't even bear to complete the thought.

Maybe that's why the story of The Julian Project has caught my attention when I saw a newscast sharing information about a fundraiser on the family's behalf. Little Julian Aguirre, just five years old, lost his two-year-battle with leukemia on June 18 of this year. He is survived by his mother and father and two siblings. The family is local but I do not know them. I just know that I'd like to try to do my part to honor Julian's memory and help his family with the mountain of medical bills accumulated over the years.

A few friends at Amayabella Custom Creations, Amy Jamez Jewelz and I have decided to contribute items from our respective craft businesses to a gift basket which we will raffle off here on Aspiring Mama with all proceeds benefiting The Julian Project. And I'm taking this moment to ask you if you'd like to contribute, as well.

If you have an item, handmade or not, that you would like to contribute to the gift basket, we would love to hear from you. Just leave a comment on this post with your contact information or website.

We'll be in touch soon.