Why Teachers Should All Be Cannonized. Yesterday.

"Okay, baby, what's this line say?"

"Dot... had a ...dog. The dog is ...the dog is... a cute little puppy who loves her and gives her kisses and I don't like puppy kisses, Mama."

"That is not what the page says, baby. You need to try to read the words on the page. We can make up stories later. Let's look at the letters in the word."


"Good! Now what sound does M make?"


"Good! And A?"


"That's good, too. What about the G?"


"Perfect! Now how does that all sound together?"

"Mu...Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little..."

"Do you break into random songs at school when your teacher is working with you?"

"Just sometimes. What's random?"

"Never mind. Let's work on this word. It's the name of Dot's dog! M...a...g...It rhymes with bag but it starts with M. What do you think the word is?"


"No, baby. It rhymes with bag but it's a different word. What's the end sound of the word bag?"


"Perfect. Now what sound does M make again?"


"So if you put Mmmmm in front of ag how does it all sound together?"


Teaching lesson over. Mommy needs a drink.