Rachel's Wish Lives On

A smiling face. A flower in her hair. And a headline about a 9-year-old girl who asked for donations to Charity Water instead of birthday gifts. But it was the birth date itself that caught my attention: June 12.

My own daughter turned four that day. Rachel Beckwith turned nine. A month later, she died as a result of injuries received in a 14 car pile-up. But an amazing outpouring of support is keeping her wish to help others alive.

As of her birthday, Rachel was just $80 short of her $300 goal. As of this moment, over 21,ooo donations totaling over $771,000 have been made on Rachel' behalf.

Countless have donated $9, in honor of Rachel's age, and I just added my own. I hope you will, too. Please, spread the word. This little girl could have asked for Barbies and glittery lip gloss and purses and Justin Bieber T-Shirts. Instead, she only wanted to help others. That kind of generosity of spirit cannot be forgotten.