An Ode to Ermas

I'm new to the regular writing cast of An Army of Ermas, but I jumped at the chance to devote some well-deserved blog space to my love for Stacey Graham and the Erma's blog.

For the uninitiated, An Army of Ermas is a hilarious mix of columns by various humor writers bringing The Funny about family life. I came across the site quite by accident while spending entirely too much time on Twitter shut up one day and because I was busy procrastinating, one link led to another which led to me following head Erma, Stacey, and eventually tweeting her an offer of my undying love and devotion and, possibly, liquor-flavored brownies if she would take me.

I think I probably forgot to mention the fact that I think I'm funny and sometimes, other people do, too, but that didn't seem to matter. The brownies got me in.

So thank you to Stacey for her tireless efforts in coordinating the site, keeping all of us Ermas in line, and giving me a spot at the Cool Kids table in the cafeteria. Thank you, Stacey. My therapist sends her regards.