An Interview with Eisley Jacobs

Normally interviews around here focus on my talking to myself and you pointing and laughing. But I've got to keep you on your toes, so this time I'm pulling out all the stops. I actually got someone else to talk to me.

Shut up! I know...

Last week I told you about Eisley Jacob's debut middle-grade novel, Born to  be a Dragon, and why it's just made of awesome. This week, she's back to answer some hard-hitting questions because the answer to Do you Chew Your Ice Cream says a lot about a person, don't you think?

Buckle up, people. We're going in...

Aspiring Mama: Vanilla or chocolate? I know it's outta left field but really, I need to know where you stand on this issue before proceeding with the rest of the interview.

Eisley Jacobs: ROTFL... Umm. This is a tricky question. It’s like saying do you like air or breathing? You can’t have one without the other…Love vanilla mocha’s… which as you  may know is a combination of both worlds. I love Drumsticks, chocolate and vanilla loveliness.

However, there are occasions in which I have to choose one over the other. But when that insane choice rears its ugly head, I do what every sane person does… I get both.

AM: Ah. I see we are meant to be great friends. Good. If you tell me you also chew your ice cream, I may not know what to do with myself. Feel free to lie. (This isn't really a question but you have to answer it anyway).

EJ: If it helps, I just chewed my Skinny Cow…

AM: Brilliant. But we still need to know about your PB&J sandwiches. Do you slather up both sides and then smack some jam in the middle or are you a taking sides kind of girl?

EJ: I totally take sides on the PB&J… it has to be the perfect blend of both for the party in my mouth. And for your next question, I have both creamy and crunchy in the cupboard. Depends on the day and my mood as to which one I choose.

AM: Oh. You. Are. Good. But what about Meia? How's your feisty main character in Born to be a Dragon take her PBJ? Please tell me it's with the jam in the middle. My heart may break otherwise.

EJ: Being a product of a foster home for most of her life, Meia was never given much of a choice. I’m quite positive she would accept a PB&J any way you handed it to her. Though, if she had to make it herself… she might just go for the PB and skip the jam all together.


She is either way too busy to hassle with the additional time it takes to spread the jam or she doesn’t want to make a mess on the dragons back. This fact remains to be seen.

AM: She's a thinker, that one. Speaking of which, why is she a she? I'm all about the girl power, but what made you decide to go with a female main character?

EJ: She is a she because that’s the way she appeared on the paper. There was never a question of her gender. She was always just there… fighting her way into the story from the beginning. I think it has a lot to do with the fact I have two sons and one daughter. I knew I needed to appeal to both genders with this story.

AM: Ah, the "This is how the character came to me" argument. As a non-fiction writer, I am amazed at people like you who can create whole worlds in your head. How exactly did this world materialize to you? In a dream? In a tortilla's grill marks?  In capuccino foam? And, perhaps more importantly, How come my doctors just want to up my meds when I see dragons in Roscharch tests?

EJ: You know, I've always had an active imagination. I can't really say how the stories form because really they start with a word, a phrase, an object and I just pet the floodgates of my mind open and it usually works peachy. It's almost split personality weirdness... I just know what comes next but no idea why I know this...
Some writers talk to their characters and even given their muse a name. For me it's nothing like that. I just truly love living in my minds fantasy worlds. They play out in my head and I write them down as quick as I can (90wpm).

AM: Who would win in a poker match? The fiction or the non-fiction writer?

EJ: Umm, no idea. I don't play poker, but I know lots of BSing is involved. So on one hand I would say the fiction writer, cuzz they are always making stuff up. But on the other hand, it could be the nonfiction writer 'cuz they probably know how to BS but people believe they just tell truth.. Which will totally work in their favor.. Right?

AM: I'm not sure, but I think you just complimented me. I can't play poker either. Too many rules to remember. That's probably why I liked the short chapters. And the alternating points of view. What else did you do in purpose that made Born to be a Dragon the awesome sauce book that it is?

EJ: I don’t think I really did anything on purpose. I really just followed the ebb and flow of the story and watched my children for cues. If they were getting bored, I knew I needed to increase the pace and maybe add a little salt. Even the end sentence wasn’t on purpose. But boy did it hit the mark with a lot of my kid beta readers as well as my children.

AM: How's it feel to be the coolest mom in the world? All my mom ever did was raise me from birth to adulthood. I used to think that was impressive. And that's when you and your book came along. 'splain, Lucy.

EJ: Heh, I dunno that I am the coolest mom. I have my moments or failure, just like everyone else. The best I can hope for is to be a decent mom whose children will require less therapy then most. *wink* I only have my children for 18-19 short years, my plan has always been to be there for them and hope they launch into the world with their dreams intact. Sure, there will be falls and faltering of joy when they tell me they want to work for the circus, but my goal is to support them in wherever their life takes them!

AM: Okay then. Your assignment: show your kids your book. Remind them that it's awesome. Then ask them if you are the Coolest MOM Ever while pointing at Born to be a Dragon for emphasis. Report their comments back to me. GO!

EJ: They laughed. And laughed. And laughed some more. Then when you thought there was no more laughing to be had… it happened again.

I rest my case.


If that wasn't enough of a party in your head, listen up, because Eisley is offering a signed copy of Born to be a Dragon to one lucky reader. I don't BS when it comes to the books I like, so trust me when I say that this would make a perfect gift for yourself or a young reader in your life.

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