Momisms and Hilarity

The Husband got me a subscription to Sirius XM radio for my truck. Back in the BB days (that would be Before Baby) when Howard Stern made the jump to satellite radio, I swore that was all that would play in my vehicle if I was lucky enough to ever get it.But these are the AB days. (I don't have to spell that one out, right?) And because I don't need to be explaining to the preschool teacher why Buttercup might still be dropping F-bombs like they are going out of style, I only listen to him when she isn't in the car with me. Which, when you break it down, is practically never. Instead, we are big fans of Kids Place Live. I'm the annoying mom who sings along to the good stuff, recognizes the new stuff, and usually forgets to change the station to the non-kid-friendly stuff when I do have the truck to myself. Go figure. Speaking of the good stuff? Please tell me you've seen or heard this one? It's made of Motherhood Gold. And? I may die happy if I can ever score a blog interview with Anita Renfroe.