The Julian Project: Part 2

I'm a little fish in a big sea. And that's okay. I've read Buttercup enough I Think I Can-esque stories to know that every little bit helps. And my recent foray into Eisley Jacob's world of Born to Be a Dragon in which two ten-year-olds learn how important their contributions are to the world around them, I'm proud to offer my piece of the internet for the good of a family I have never met.I blogged recently about The Julian Project, a Facebook group that was formed in honor of five-year-old Julian, who's family is dealing with a mountain of medical bills after his untimely passing. Buttercup and I attended a local fundraiser but I felt I wanted to do more. And my online friends are stepping up to do  what they can to make this effort a success.

Originally, the plan was to offer a a chance at single gift basket with a variety of items by way of purchasing a virtual raffle ticket and then selecting the winner with a random number generator. The new plan is only slightly different: instead of a single basket, I have decided to offer each item individually in an effort to individually showcase the creative efforts and generosity of those donating, as well as to hopefully allow for more time and more interest with each new raffle post published on the blog.

I'm starting things off with a fantastic pair of earrings from my favorite middle grade author, Eisley Jacobs.

Please note: the soon-to-be-famous-because-i-said-so author would like for the world to know that her I've never met her but figure I'm safe to assume sweet and talented mother is the artist.

In order to try to win this pair of earrings, you need to click on this link and make a minimum donation of $5 (In honor of Julian's age when he died)  and then come back here and leave a comment on the post indicating that you have donated. I repeat: Donate. Comment. Done.

Entries will be accepted through Wednesday, September 7, at midnight EST. At the point, I will draw one winner randomly from the comments and transfer over any and all funds raised to The Julian Project while simultaneously starting the new raffle for a different item.

And if you don't win these earrings from Eisley Jacobs, don't worry. I have two more pair of Feathered Awesomeness to offer up soon.

Eisley, thank you and your mama for your time, effort, and generosity. And thank you, readers, for every little bit of support you can offer.