The Julian Project: Part 3

Remember Julian and the fancy feather earrings from last week? I'm happy to announce that HC Palmquist is the lucky winner of the awesome handmade earrings created by the mother of a very talented author friend. While I let HC perform her own version of a happy dance in what will probably turn out to be four-inch-zombie stomping stilettos, I'm going to carry on with the next segment in my quest to make a small difference in honor of a five-year-old boy who lost his battle with leukemia. When I first announced the plan to try and raise some funds for Julian's family, Jessica was one of the first to raise her hand and offer her support as well as an item to virtually raffle off. A Scentsy consultant who truly loves her job and a mother of three touched by the story of The Julian Project, Jessica immediately offered a $25 Scenty gift certificate for one winner to happily lose themselves in the decision making process.

So here's the deal: It's all going down like it did last week. If you are interested in a chance at a $25 gift certificate for Things That Smell Pretty and the possibility of also contributing to Jessica's efforts to raise funds for an autism service dog for her own daughter, just donate $5 here and leave a comment on this blog post. The five bucks is in honor of Julian's age when he died and the comment on the blog post offers me the chance to publicly thank you for your generosity. All monies raised from this and all other efforts to collect funds on behalf of The Julian Project will be turned over to the family.

Thank you, also, to Jessica for your time, effort, and willingness to help a family you have never met.

Donations for the Scentsy gift certificate will be accepted through midnight, EST, on Sept 14.