Giddy Up

Look at that. My baby girl. Modeling the dress of the month at Above All Fabric for my very talented friend, Melanie. We met up at Trail Dust Town in Tucson, had a great time while our daughters hammed it up for the camera, and then ended the day with a nice meal at Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse.

I know I have pictures of her all over the place with the blog and all, but this is somehow different. And way cooler.

Please, stop by Above all Fabric to see a few more shots of the dress of the month and maybe stay for a bit to see if anything catches your eye. I'd buy something if I could do more than hand The Husband the sewing kit when a button needs to be sewed back on to whatever it popped off of. But as things stand, I'll just stand back and ooh and aahh at what Melanie can do.

Oh, but before I go? Let me show you the photo that didn't make the cut.

Because it's my favorite.