For CJ Redwine's Sister's Eyes Only

  See these earrings?

And these?


Pretty snazzy, aren't they? Betcha wanna know how you could possibly get your hands on a pair of these little babies, don't ya?


Well...I'm not going to tell you. Turns out I suck at getting other people to pony up for a worthy cause like The Julian Project, even when offering Pretty Things to encourage participation, so I'm just gonna go with what works this time. CJ Redwine's sister, a.k.a. HC Palmquist, happens to rock the socks off of earrings like these. In fact, she's the only one who donated for the last pair, and she basically offered me a pie to just hand these over to her. (She makes really good pie.) I was about to say yes and then we both came to our senses because there is the Julian Project and all so we  decided to proceed and pretend like I have influence over all of you by admitting I don't have influence over any of you.

Clever, right?

CJ Redwine happens to think it's genius. Also? She totally let me pimp out her were-llama famousness for the sake of maybe helping me donate more than what I can talk Buttercup into giving me from her piggy bank. Which? Makes CJ even more awesome than I had previously assumed based on how much I like her sister's pie.

And I really like her sister's pie.

But that's neither here nor there because no one wants to donate $5 to be in the running for one pair of these earrings or $10 for a chance at both pairs except for CJ Redwine's sister, right?


So here's the deal, CJ Redwine's sister: click here and do that donation thing then come back to this post and leave me a comment letting me know if you are trying to win one or both sets of earrings. Tweet this. Facebook it. Blog about it. None of it's gonna get you extra entries because I'm revising a manuscript right now and don't have the time to keep track of all that craziness but tweet, Facebook, and blog about this if you can spare a moment and it makes you feel good inside. Don't get all anxious and stuff since you're probably the only one entering, anyway, so this is as good as in the bag, right?


The reverse psychology worked, yes?

Let the craziness begin.


Fine print: Earrings were graciously created and provided by the very talented mother of Born to be a Dragon author Eisley Jacobs for the sole purpose of raising funds for The Julian Project.

More fine print: CJ Redwine rocks.

Even more fine print: And so does her sister.

Donations and comments will be accepted through Friday, November 11, at midnight, EST. The winner(s), presumably CJ Redwine's sister, will be announced the following day here on the blog.