Five Steps to the Funny

See that nifty little button? Good. That was Step 1.

Step 2 is a little more complicated. It involves me getting you to vote for me.

Lemme 'splain, Lucy.

Remember that awesome An Army of Ermas site I write for? It's the brain child of our fearless leader, Stacey Graham, who has suddenly decided that a little friendly competition might spice things up for us natives. So what does this mean for you, class? It means that as a member of the Army of Ermas, I get to post once a month on whatever funny happens to be hiding out in my brain when I sit down to write. There's a lot of us, and the bottom line for our little competition is that whoever gets the most Facebook likes, tweets, blog hits (to the Erma's site, mind you) and otherwise creates the biggest and loudest cheer section wins something in a year. I'm not sure what that something is, entirely, but I'm really hoping it's a a cloning machine and a deserted island with Wi-Fi.

And yes. I said "year." That means Step 3 is remembering.

Now it's time for Step 4, y'all. That's where I look in the mirror and remind myself that I suck at this kind of thing, so I've decided to become a cheerleader myself for the rest of the Ermas. I'll be starting a weeklyfeature soon that showcases one of my fellow Ermas in their glory. And by weekly, I actually mean When I Get to It, cuz I'm punctual like that.

Oh, and don't worry. Their glory will be fully clothed and with minimal F-bombs because the real Erma didn't play like that, yo.

Step 5 is the best. That's where you read.

And laugh.

Oh...and since we're talking about funny, click on over here to read my latest Ermas column. It's about a straight man with observation skills.

I know.