It Was the Maid in the Billiard Room with the Candlestick

Or maybe it was the butler in the conservatory with the pipe. Either way, the point is that there's a whole lot more "Who Dunnit" going on during a game of clue than there is in the whole Which One of My Two Commenters Won The Earrings I Was Raffling for Charity.

You see, I had two pairs of earrings.

And there were two commenters.

Shut UP, spell check. It's a word.

I realize I could have just drawn one winner, but as I'm the oldest of five and know what kind of wars started when one of us got something that the rest of us didn't, so in the interest of Peace in the Blogosphere, I've decided to make sure HC Palmquist and CJ Redwine remain friends.

In short?

Y'all get a pair each.

And to everyone who donated? Thank you. I will be contacting Julian's family to get the $120 you helped raise in their hands just as soon as I can.