Reading during Drunch

My friend Jodie from The Drunch wants to know what your favorite books are. She has a post up called Book Prozac, Jodie has the following o say:

Y’all, I’ve just been introduced to the concept of Book Prozac by the lovely and amazing Rachel Hawkins, author of the highly entertaining Hex Hall series. Book Prozac are those wonderful tomes that let you get out of your head and into another world altogether. And when — sadly — they come to an end, you find yourself relaxed, refreshed and just a little bit better equipped to tackle reality. I’m not just making this up guys, I’ve got nearly applicable science to back it up.

Admittedly, I am a horrible blog commenter. I read and read, but I'm not always motivated to leave a comment worth anything while browsing my favorite blogs on my phone. So maybe the stars were properly aligned or Venus was in the seventh house of Saturn or whatever, but Jodie happened to catch me with this one when a) was actually on the computer and b) had 30 seconds to spare. Translation? I commented.

Here's the list I came up with in about the time it takes to blink twice because these titles have stayed with me.

1- The Narnia series 2- Eye of the Dragon by Stephen King 3- Fahrenheit 451 4- Flowers for Algernon 5- Harry Potter 6- NOT TWILIGHT 7-  did I say that out loud? 8-  Rain of Gold by Victor Villasenor 9- Room 10- The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon 11- I can always get lost in any book by Nora Roberts 12- The Green Mile by Stephen King 13- Dances with Wolves *the book not the movie* 14- The Dragons Forever series by Eisley Jacobs *seriously people, AWESOME MG, people. AWESOME* 15- To Kill a Mockingbird

Do me a favor, will ya? If you feel inclined to add to this growing list o' awesomeness, please save the comment for Jodie's when you stop by for Drunch. Just click here and tell her Pauline sent ya.