A Letter to Santa


Dear Mr. Claus,

May I call you Kris? I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your yearly contribution to the marked improvement in my daughter's behavior at the end of the year. Although I do have to say that it is a tad disconcerting that, unless reminded that you can see her when she's sleeping and know when she's awake, I can't get her to put one foot in front of the other without a fight. Not to mention that, after having reread that last sentence, I just realized I may be a little bit afraid of you now.

No matter, Kris. I may call you Kris, right? Santa seems to be reserved for the sitting on your lap crowd, and I am obviously beyond that. But do you mind if I ask you to submit to a background check before next year's mall photo and gift request? (I do hope you understand.)

I found it quite charming how you made Buttercup so comfortable during her time with you this year. She can't wait to see if you brought her that special doll she asked you for. And no thanks is necessary, Kris. My husband and I took it upon ourselves to go to extreme lengths to purchase the requested item, buy a special roll of wrapping paper that is only being used for gifts "from you", and hide said gifts until one of us can sneak downstairs after she falls asleep on Christmas Eve to leave the small stash of goodies "from you" beneath the tree. We all know the economy sucks and I'm sure the lost manpower during the last round of elf lay-offs still has you frantically trying to keep up with and meet product demand by the expected deadline. We will, however, be submitting an itemized expense report outlining all expenses incurred on your behalf and expect to be reimbursed for our troubles. I hope Paypal works for you and the Mrs.?

I'd also like to ask your opinion on parenting tactics come the day after Christmas. Let's face it, Kris. She's four and has no real concept of time. Next year is about as threatening to her as next week, and because neither is happening in the next five seconds, they don't matter in the slightest. That means I'm looking at about 10 months of parenting hell because I can't drop a Santa-bomb until Target kicks the Halloween candy to the curb, skips right over the Thanksgiving turkey, and starts blasting the Christmas music early enough to make even you want to throw up. And please give me more detailed advice than last year because asking her to "follow me in merry measure" when we would both rather throw tantrums frankly does me no good.You deal with a world-full of children in one 24-hour-period, while they are all sleeping of course, so I'm sure you understa...

Oh never mind.

Anyway, feel free to stop in on Christmas Eve and don't feel that you need to BYOP (We already covered the presents, remember?) but do enjoy the cookies we will be baking in your honor. We left a magic key for you to use since we don't have a chimney and you can't seem to remember the alarm code before the damned thing goes off, so please, consider the key our gift to you. We will leave it hanging on the front door. We just ask that you remember to lock up after you leave. And for the love of Christmas, please make sure to pick up and properly dispose of any reindeer business before you take off. I'll be sure to place the garbage can where you can find it.

Please give my love to Mrs. Claus and remind Rudolph that he's always special. I do remember how the therapist said he thought Rudolph only felt worthy of attention after a major snowstorm and all.


Aspiring Mama and The Husband