My 365, Week 1

If you follow me on twitter or facebook or instagram, it's probably quite apparent that there's not exactly a lack of photo taking going on. And most of those photos, are quite obviously, of Buttercup. The Husband and I often joke that if we ever do have a second child, we'll have to hire a professional photographer to shadow the kid with explicit directions to make sure the shot to shot ratio is one for one. You know, to cut down on the amount of therapy needed down the road for #2.
So it only seemed natural that I got all Kid in a Candy Store giddy when I saw an instragram update from Katja Presnal showcasing photos from another app. I's like ice cream for dinner and dessert.
Let's not talk about the false start when I downloaded the wrong app and instead focus on My 365. The challenge isn't taking a photo a's selecting which of the many to call my official memory for that specific 24 hour period.
Here's what I chose for the first few days...

Buttercup has a nebulizer now. He's a turtle. She's beyond excited. Also? She's four.

This is what happens when you forget the good goggles at home and the child is forced to use a random set in the bin at swim.

And yes...I followed through on my promise to wear it the entire day. Funny thing? No one noticed.

This is Fezzik. Buttercup calls him her puplet. Cuz that's a baby pup, mama.
So...what's your 365 look like?