My 365, Jan 5-14

I meant to do this earlier (because I'm obviously behind) but swim and ballet lessons (yeah, I've turned into that mom) kind of got the best of me this week. I'll try to get on a regular posting schedule for the My365 project -- maybe every Saturday? -- but for now, here's how I captured a few moments in pictures.

We're from Detroit. There's grass there. We kind of miss it. So when we see it, toes are involved.


I suck at measurements and will never have a cooking show. That being said, this recipe kicks ass. Add a decent amount of olive oil, juice from one whole lemon, some minced garlic and a can of chickpeas. Saute for a bit (I go till the chickpeas are soft) and then throw in a boatload of spinach. Wait for that boatload to wilt and then add another boatload. Salt and pepper.


You're welcome.


So I got a speeding that I'm blogging about it, I'm wondering if the traffic school cost can be used as a tax write-ff for business expenses?


I saw this one on instragram. Asparagus plus bacon plus olive oil and some salt. Broil in the oven.

Even The Husband ate this.

Buttercup gets allowance. Sometimes, she does something sweet. Like offer to buy her teacher flowers.


At the car wash, yeah...


This is what happens when she dresses herself for school


The Mexifro is no more. For now, let's concentrate on my cute hats.


My first ballet bun. Her first lesson.



lego friends

Belated Christmas gifts are made of awesome.