Beauty and the Beholder

It seems the world is trying very hard to remind me of what I thought I already knew. Everywhere I turn I see a new reminder that body image, self-love and self-worth are the foundation on which our reflections are built. And once that foundation is shaken and cracked, it seems that the woman smiling back at us in the mirror is always a bit...unsure of herself.

My friend Janice posted this photo, which she found on Pinterest, and asked her blog readers a very important question and one that I am going to pose to you:

Which Woman Would You Rather Be?

That was the caption used with the image by the person who pinned it. Which woman would you rather be?

I can tell you which woman I'd rather look like. And I can tell you which woman I feel like. And then I can tell you that it's all a bunch of bullshit anyway and none of it matters because it's not about what we see when looking at and judging their bodies. It's what they see when they look in a mirror. It's how they feel about themselves. And who you or I would rather be doesn't mean a damned thing to either one of them.

Maybe that's the point. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, why are we trying to tell everyone else that what they see is wrong?

My answer? I'd rather be the one who is happy and comfortable in her own skin. I'd rather be the one who loves herself and all that she was, is, and ever will be. I'd rather be the woman who didn't understand what it is to be eating disordered.

Your turn.

Which woman would you rather be?