Because I suck at follow through

It's true, y'all. I somehow managed to finish an entire manuscript and get started on a few more but The Husband is pissy that basket of folded laundry from three weeks ago is still sitting on the floor in our bedroom. I'm not sure what his problem is. I mean, I managed to remember to get the clothes into the washer, then the dryer, and then out of the dryer before folding them all nice and pretty. I'm all LET'S CELEBRATE THE POSITIVE and he's all I'M POSITIVE IT SHOULDN'T TAKE THREE WEEKS TO PUT A BASKET OF CLOTHES AWAY. And before anyone gets all What an ASSHOLE, let me present a few points. The first is that I knew he was an asshole when I married him. It's totally part of his charm. Trust me on this. Also? He has a J-O-B that keeps him busy and frees me up to try to earn that monkey I'm dreaming of, so we kind of made a deal that I'd take care of the house and kid and he'd, you know, go to that job thing.

My point is that I don't actually remember a time limit set upon each household responsibility so I'm totally in the right on this one.

And while that may be true, that's totally not even why I started writing this post and talking about sucking at follow through (HEY EVERYBODY! THE BLOG POST IS A VISUAL AID IN AND OF ITSELF! FUCKING GENIUS!). I'm here to tell you who won that drawing for The CHICKtionary by Anna Lefler.


Drum roll, please...

Is that a squirrel?

Never mind....

The winner is Beth Bartlett! Send me your address so I can tell my New Best Friend Anna where she gets to ship that signed copy.