Class is Now In Session

Let's get down to brass tacks: My track record at getting agents' attention with a query kind of sucks (you'll have to come back for the punch line to that story on Friday). That makes me the least likely person to give you tips on how to write one that's not going to make you want to take your mother's favorite advice from your childhood and go play in traffic. (Or was that just mine?) But you know who is more than qualified to give you that kind of advice? CJ Redwine.

In her ebook, QUERY: Everything You Need to Get Started, Get Noticed, and Get Signed, Redwine covers everything from agent research to how to create an awesome hook and guides you through every step of the querying process.

Redwine also offers her Synopsis Workshop Handouts for sale on her blog under the Tools for Writer's tab on her blog. If you're new at this, let me just sum this up for you cuz I wasted two years thinking I only needed to tweet my way into an agent's timeline and get signed that way: I'm an idiot and these handouts are way more practical. Cuz CJ knows what she's doing and I just thought I did.

She's also got a major thing for were-llamas. I'm figuring it's part of her genius.


And for any readers who want to tighten up their writing skills, you need to check out my friend, Abigail Green. Remember her? I reviewed her ebook when she launched The Mama Insider and have always wished I could be the kind of writer she is when I grow up. The woman's been published in American Baby, The Smithsonian, on, and a ton of other places. Also? Green is offering six-week online writing classes for writers of all levels with a focus on the personal essay. Coming off a two-year bender in which I was convinced I was The Chosen One and didn't need someone to guide me before finally realizing I was totally wrong and totally did, I'll happily suggest every single one of you click here and sign right the hell up. Reaching blindly through the craziness inside your head is so much more productive with an objective and experienced teacher to guide the way. And did I mention how many of Green's former students are now published?

You're Welcome.