Updates, Britney Spears, and the Scissors in the Junk Drawer

It's been about a month since I went all My Life Sucks and Let Me Prove That Crazy Creative People theory, so I figured it was time for an update. Because asterisks make me happy, this one's going down List-Style, y'all.

* If black is the new brown, then anti-depressants are the new happy. And Siri has been a very good girl when it comes to reminding me to pop the happy every morning, especially when I get cocky and think my brain will manufacture visions of unicorns and rainbows without the pills.

*Of course I'm not seeing unicorns and rainbows because of the pills, you dumbass. It's not that kind of drug. I was simply illustrating the point that seeing a unicorn would make me as happy as taking the medication does. Probably happier, if I really stop to think about it.

*Dammit. Now I just want a unicorn.

* But since I'm pretty certain I won't be seeing a real live and in the flesh unicorn anytime soon I'm settling for the pharmaceutical definition of happy. Copay? $5.

*Insurance is a beautiful thing.

*Also? About that Calling You a Dumbass thing? You're welcome. I ignore the people I don't like. I save terms of endearment for the special people in my life.

*Of course that means you. And you...And...wait. No. I'm ignoring you. Everyone else here is cool.

* Humor is a wonderful coping mechanism, isn't it?

* Yes, I'm still a certifiable mess. But these rose-colored glasses are kind of making everything look a bit pretty, so I'm taking things slow in the Getting Back on the Wagon department.

* Forget the counting of calories, the number on the scale, or labeling of Good versus Bad for the foods I am consuming. Instead I'm focusing on how I feel and taking note of an acknowledging the setbacks as well as the steps in the right direction.

* How I feel is also a factor in deciding to take the plunge and make an appointment with a local naturopath because traditional doctors either don't want to listen to me when I tell them the tests stating I'm normal are all lying, or they want to help and just don't know what to do with me. I don't know how to describe it other than telling you that I am certain there are autoimmune issues and possibly serious allergy issues that need to be addressed. Like, yesterday.

* How do I know this? Because one day about six months ago I woke up to find out my Mexifro had decided to give up the cute curly look and instead opt for the Detroit Crack Whore look. I can say this because I'm from Detroit, so that makes me an expert. The soft kinky curls morphed into straight, flyaway pieces of straw and it was breaking off at my neck but the new growth was fine. Which made me realize that...

* That fluke thing that happened to me when Buttercup was a baby that lasted for six months and then suddenly went away and I woke up with normal hair and a smile wasn't a fluke thing. Still, my doctors think I'm crazy. And I think most of them are assholes.

* It's kind of a stalemate.

* Of course, me cutting off all my hair with the scissors in the junk drawer just because I suddenly thought it might be a great idea but mainly because I had so much break off it was either that or a wig might give some credence to the doctors' argument, especially if you focus on the Suddenly Great Idea and Scissors part, but since I don't have paparazzi hanging out in my garbage cans and my name isn't Britney Spears, I'm totally fine with that.