Super Starry Stars and Names in Hats


A few years ago, a friend and I decided to nominate out own work for the BlogHer Voices of the Year competition. We thought long and hard about the blog posts we were selecting and critiqued each other's choices to make sure we were entering the very best of ourselves into a sea of incredibly talented voices. And while it was nice to have my name in the proverbial hat, I was always very aware of the fact that I am the one who placed it there.

That's not a bad thing, mind you. I know it's allowed and encouraged to nominate yourself or else I wouldn't have done it to begin with. All I'm saying is that, as the stereo-typical-unsure-but-over-confident-nuerotic-but-driven writer who is always looking for validation for the thoughts inside of my head, it means the world to me that this year, someone else put my name in that hat.

The lovely Alexandra from Good Day, Regular People believed my post entitled Self-Loathing and Chocolate to be worthy of a nomination in the Heart category for this year's Voices of the Year. I'm honored. And thankful.

I'd love it if you would make the time to click this link to view and read my entry. I never made Homecoming court because I suck at rallying the troops for anything that requires Getting You to Vote for Me so I'm not going to hire a campaign manager or anything. Instead, I'll just get back to chasing the puppy away from Buttercup's tea party in her Magical Land and addressing her as Her Royal Highness Super Starry Star.