Because They'd Totally Be Sitting At My Lunch Table if This Was High School

I'm knee-deep in Crazy right now trying to finish my mom's taxes, not quite awake after an all-nighter with the idiot puppy Fezzik dog who decided a dropped pistachio shell might make for a fun $300 emergency trip to the all-night veterinarian, and still all googly-eyed over the I GOT AN AGENT thing. Then there's the Wishing My Proposal Would Revise Itself because *that's* a whole lot of Insane and it makes me want to chase my morning orange juice with a bottle of Nyquil. But there's no time to bury myself in a pile of despair! Not with Buttercup to keep busy and the dog to keep from costing me more money.

Also? My friends have been BUSY LITTLE BEES and I'm really only breaking my regular blogging schedule so I can do a Show and Tell showcasing their Awesomeness because these ladies would totally be sitting at my high school lunch table.

Ready? Here we go... 

Have you heard about CJ REDWINE and her debut YA book, DEFIANCE? It's amazing. Check out the official release info over at YA BOOKS and then click on over to CJ's blog to enter for a sweet chance at an autographed copy of DEFIANCE and some snazzy swag.

Remember my review of Ketchup is a Vegetable: And Other Lies Moms Tell Themselves by Robin O'Bryant? If not, read this author interview first to catch up with the rest of the class. Love it? Yeah, me too.

Hungry for more? Good. Robin has a Second Helping available for her fans on Amazon. The ebook is a collection of 22 of her reader's best loved pieces from her self-syndicated column. Oh and bonus? Prime members get to read it for free. No prime? No problem. Skip the tall skinny latte at Starbucks today and support an author today so you can say you knew her when tomorrow.