The Things She Says

  As I'm trying to finish a blog post, I feel a kiss on my elbow and hear a soft giggle.

Because I love you too much.


I'm folding clothes and trying to make some headway on the to-do list when she bear hugs my waist from behind.

More than chicken in cherry pie, Mom. That's how much I love you.


On the way to the park so she can ride her new Tinkerbell bike on the trail.

Mom? When I grow up and am a lady you have to drive me to my wedding.


While brushing her hair after a bath.

I think I'll have just one kid when I'm a parent. It'll be nicer that way. And more room in the car.


After a long day at the zoo and I squeeze myself into the back seat of the two-door jeep so she can cuddle with me.

Yay! Your big butt didn't get stuck! That's great, Mom!


As I dry myself off after my shower she kisses the belly she made so soft.

I love all of you, Mama. Do you love all of me?


Always. (Mostly.)