The Name She Came With

Sorrow. Pain.

Look up the meaning of the name Dolores (or any of its variations) and that is the definition you will find. Sorrow as in the heavy Catholic kind that goes along with pain and suffering in the name of God and Heaven and Sorrow as in what the Virgin Mary is referred to as in Spanish: Maria de los Dolores.

Mary of the Sorrows.

It looks horribly depressing in English, I know. Just like the English translation of my childhood bedtime exchange with my Tia when I spent the night at her house.

Until tomorrow.

If Jesus wants it that way.

Hug, Hug, Kiss, Kiss and Tuck, Tuck, Good Night.

First let me say that in Spanish this sounds way more comforting. Also? The comfort comes from the ingrained cultural belief in Heaven and the knowledge that we would see each other again, if not the following morning because Jesus had decided it was out time to join him, then later...when it was time for the ones still trying to earn their place by His side. And even as I've grown and lost more Spanish than I care to admit and suck at religion because Buttercup associates church with Easter egg hunts because that's the only day of the year I have ever gone, I will never forget falling asleep knowing that wherever I woke up in the morning, I would wake up loved, because Jesus wanted it that way.

Lola is one of the many forms of the name, Dolores, and in some cases, Lola serves as the automatic nickname bestowed upon many little girls who grow up using their full names only in the most formal of circumstances. The meaning is the same. Pain and suffering in the name of eternal salvation. Taking our knocks in life now in the hopes of having an easier time down the road where maybe life isn't so very hard because life has been harder than any of us could ever imagined.

We didn't choose Lola as the name for the sweet soul we adopted from the Central Arizona Animal Rescue today. It's the name she came with. And after maybe thirty seconds of debating a name change, The Husband and I decided Lola it shall remain. Our new baby has been through hell and survived with eyes that still speak of the kindness inside of her heart. Lola is perfect.

She isn't our first rottie. That was Catherine the Great, affectionately known as Cat, who we had to let go last year due to lymphoma. We knew it was just a matter of time before another rottie girl would join the two furballs already sleeping in our beds.

We initially looked at puppies from a breeder. That's how we found and fell in love with Cat, after all, and that decision had been based on the security of knowing the temperament of the parents because that has a lot to do with what kind of dog cute little puppies grow into. But I decided to entertain my BFF's suggestion to look at rescue options on the off chance that I might actually find a pure-bred female rottie available within driving distance from our home that got along with our two little dogs who can sometimes be total assholes and would also pass Buttercup approval and make me weak in the knees from the sweetness that usually can only be associated with puppies. The first call to one rescue was never returned. Another called back to tell me the dog I was interested had just been adopted out. And yet another called saying they had a female rottie puppy and would we like to see her? I said yes right before the Central Arizona Animal Rescue notified me that Lola was available and would we be interested in driving the two hours from our home to see if she was a good fit for our family.

We saw the puppy. She was cute. But we left her knowing that any puppy worth it's salt will make the family it chooses fall in love with it and they will all live happily ever after because, hello, PUPPY. But Lola, we knew, was over a year old and had already had a litter of her own. She had been picked up by CAAR at the pound where she would have surely would have been destroyed had she not been saved, and shortly after arriving at the CAAR shelter, fell deathly ill with distemper. She almost died. Again. But CAAR didn't give up on her. She's still underweight from her sickness and has a slight tremor that comes and goes, but she survived.

We drove two hours today for a maybe and came home with a new love. Buttercup has already claimed Lola as her own and the two who can usually be assholes have decided to make an exception and welcome their big little sister to the pack without any of the drama that we had expected. Maybe it's because she's earned her reprieve.

Sorrow and pain are her history but when Lola wakes up in the morning, she will wake up loved.



For those who would like to donate money for food or other operating costs at the CAAR, please click here to give what you can. The smallest contribution can make the biggest difference. You can also Like the CAAR Facebook page  to learn more about current animals available for adoption. Not in Arizona? That's okay. Get online and find a no-kill shelter in you area and, if you can't adopt right now, then donate time or money to make their lives that much better until a Forever Family comes along.