Real Women Don't Get AirBrushed (or: Motherhood Uncensored)

So Jessica Simpson had a baby and now the media is riding her new mama muffin top to join the rest of the celeb moms who grace the covers of magazines with headlines like "How I Got My Body Back in Just Six Seconds!". We see these women standing in teeny weeny bikinis next to their workout regime and their macrobiotic, personal chef prepared meals that You Too Can Duplicate if you want truly want to stop being the fat ass that you are and live up to the impossible ideal you are currently gazing upon. And that's when we do one of two things: buy into the bullshit or roll our eyes and wonder at the marvels of computer-generated perfection, nannies, and in-home gyms. Oh, and don't forget the hefty paycheck that comes with posing for those ridiculously annoying Bikini Body After Baby magazine cover shoots. Or Jessica's whooper of a Weight Watchers deal.

Motivation, anyone?

My motivation right after having Buttercup was more along the lines of sleeping for 60 consecutive minutes, remembering to shower, and not peeing myself every time I sneezed, laughed, or farted. I wore yoga pants all day, and sometimes all night because I hadn't bothered changing into pajamas, simply because they fit my muffin top and were easily thrown into the wash when I got puked on.

So when Stefanie Wilder-Taylor asked women to send in Real Women post-partum baby pics, I jumped on board. Granted, it took me three hours spread over two days to find three photos that actually contained me in them with my child before she turned one, but find one I did.

Pregnancy gave me a six-pound miracle and a 45-pound assteau/muffin top combo. Did I hate my body back then? Of course I did. But I was too busy falling in love with my baby to bother giving a shit about fitting into a bikini.

I'd love it if you took a few minutes to read Stefanie's Babble post here and take a look what real women look like after having a baby. Then, just maybe, a few more of us will stop buying into that bullshit and start loving who we are.