Every. Single. MoMent.

So we are all in agreement that motherhood is the hardest and most rewarding job there ever will be, yes?

And are we nodding our heads in agreement that there are times when our little cherub-faced angels turn into crazed feral children on the hunt for that last nerve we are so desperately holding on to? And that it is these times that all we want is for them to run off the sugar buzz so we can make them sit still long enough in front of the T.V. for us to make a quick escape into the bathroom, lock the door, and just breathe for a minute because Me Time now means being able to pee uninterrupted?


Because then it's bedtime and they get droopy-eyed and snuggly and there are stories and rituals like asking each other what our favorite part of the day was and then pretending to be shocked that their answer is almost always the part that they got to spend with us and they drift off into innocent dreams and we sigh, content, because every single moment is just worth it?

Motherhood is insane. It's intense. It's incredible. And we at 30 Second Mom want to hear from you. The one day out of the year devoted to this crazy ride we are all on is almost here and we want to showcase your favorite Mother's Day memories in the 30 Second Mom Most Memorable Mother's Day MoMents Contest!

Here’s how to enter:

- If you haven’t already, register for a free 30Second Mom account by visiting the website at www.30secondmom.com or downloading the iPhone or Android app and registering for an account right from the app.

- Record a 30Second video telling us about your Most Memorable Mother’s Day MoMent. Each video should be no more than 30 seconds long, which trust me, isn't all that much time. Have fun with it! Check out my video as an example!

- Send your video via email as a .mp4 or .mov file, along with your contact information including name, email address, snail mail address, phone number & Twitter handle (if applicable) to [elisa at 30secondmom.com].

- Once your video has been posted to the 30Second Mom website, you will receive a link to share with your friends and family.

30 Second Mom contributors have put together various prize packs for those selected as winners, so please check out founder Elisa All's blog post for more information. Good Luck! And I look forward to learning about your favorite MoMents at 30 Second Mom!

Happy Almost Mother's Day, y'all!