Every Mother

No whip cream! We are at Starbucks to shop for cucumbers and what The Husband refers to as my hippie cleaning products. Or rather, we are at Target and my almost-five-year-old's ability to walk straight up to the counter and place her tall vanilla frappuccino with Absolutely No Whip Cream Because I Don't Like Whip Cream order with total confidence tells me two things: 1) Both Target and Starbucks should highly consider just renaming their joint venture stores to something like Starget or Tarbucks so every storefront containing liquid happiness is easily identifiable and the ones that suck can be just as easily avoided and  2) I think I turned into a yuppie.

I give my order and flash the I Just Proved My Own Point Starbucks app on the iPhone screen to pay for our drinks and start sipping my unsweetened Trenta iced green tea. Before I walk away, though, a CD cover in front of the register catches my eye. It's the image on the cover that stops me: a woman embracing her child.

Every Mother Counts.

I pick up the CD and skim the back, making a mental note to look it up on iTunes because I lose CDs as often as I lose my mind. I see the words under organization founder Christy Turlington Burns' photo telling me about the cause, that the $8 of every CD sold in Starbucks stores through December 31, 2012 goes directly to Every Mother Counts and their efforts to reduce global maternal mortality rates. I think about my friend, Sara, and how she would have died during childbirth had she not been in the hands of a medical team ready for even the rarest of complications.

I hand the CD to the cashier so she can scan it. We will listen to the songs on the way home. And by tomorrow we will know all of the words.